• Receive Money
  • More Reliable than Astrology!!
  • Forget to Mail a Letter
  • The Famous Doctor!!
  • Lose Your Lovely red sweater
  • Romance
  • Wish You Were Living in California
  • Talk to Someone Named Betty
  • Pretty Much Just Take it Easy
  • Brush your teeth more vigorously than usual
  • See, Step on, or Swallow a bug

Psychic Insurance!! Psychic Calendar!!   Know in advance when you will hear
from grandma, wash the dishes,
or call your mother!!
You may not know your lucky day,
but Dr. Justin D. Nikov-Time,
The World's Cheapest Psychic,
certainly does!! Your highly
incredible scientifically personal barometer
even comes with a 3-D psychic viewer!!

ITEM #17A.....Psychic Calendar Price..........$2.50
ITEM #17B.....Volume Discount Price.......5/$10.00

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