Official Church of Elvis Gift Shop Order Form
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24 Hour Church of Elvis
P.O. Box 3012
Portland, OR 97208

Please print this page out FIRST and then fill it out by hand!! Although we have lovely input boxes on this form, they are not hooked up right now and any info you type will not print out!! You will have wasted valuable shopping time!! You can just write your order info by hand if you don't want to print order form
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Item # Item Qty Price Amount
1A Magnet $1.00
1B Magnet Volume Discount 10/$8.00
2A Pin $2.00
3A Stickers (small) 2/$1.00
3B Stickers (large) $3.00
4A T-Shirt (white) (L) $15.00
4A T-Shirt (white) (XL) $15.00
4A T-Shirt (white) (Medium) $15.00
4A T-Shirt (white) (Small) $15.00
4A T-Shirt (white) (Youth Large) $15.00
4A T-Shirt (white) (Small Print+Size) $15.00
4B T-Shirt (black glo) (L,M,S) $20.00
4B T-Shirt (black glo) (XL,Youth Large) $20.00
5A Guardian Angel Pin $2.00
6A Calendar $6.00
6B Calendar Volume Discount 3/$15.00
7A X-Ray!! $1.00
7B Xray Volume Discount 12/$10.00
8A Shroud $3.00
8B Shroud Volume Discount 6/$15.00
9A Only Elvis is Forever!! $1.50
9B All is Elvis!! $1.50
9C Santa & his Elvises!! $1.50
9D The Immaculate Conception!! $1.50
9E The Entire Santa Family!! $1.50
9F Elvis Christmas Card Assortment $7.00
9G Ms. Santa Barbara!! $1.50
9H Dick Cheney Christmas Cheer!! $1.50
11A Checkbook Cover $6.00
12A ID Card (large) $2.50
12B ID Card (small) $1.00
13A Psychic Cure!! $1.00
13B Psychic Cure Volume Discount!! $5/$3.50
14A Psychic Name Tag!! $1.00
14A Psychic Name Tag Volume Discount!! 5/$4.00
15A Psychic Calendar!! $2.00
15B Psychic Calendar Volume Discount 5/$9.00
16A Psychic Map of the Future!! $1.50
16B Psychic Map Volume Discount 5/$6.50
17A Novel (write in name) $2.00
17B Novel Volume Discount (write names) 5/$9.00
18A Incredible Package Deal!! $15.00
18B Budget Package Deal!! $10.00
18C Thrifty Package Deal!! $5.00
Shipping and Handling   See below*

Grand Total

*Shipping and handling is FREE for any order $15.00 or over.
For all orders under $15.00, add $2.50 shipping and handling.
ANY ORDER OUTSIDE U.S.A. add $10.00 shipping and handling.
Make checks payable to: Where's the ART!!

Send completed order page and check to:

24 Hour Church of Elvis
P.O. Box 3012
Portland, OR 97208

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